Friday, April 24, 2009

The Movie Fanatic's Parakeet

A movie fanatic had a pet parakeet. Because the bird was an utter wimp, and the man had a perverse sense of humor, he named the parakeet "Falcon."

The man was also a bit of a sadist. He kept the birdcage on the sill of his first-floor-front window, and the local kids all stopped by to make fun of this poor bird. Every day at 3:00 when school let out, the kids came by and stopped to growl, yell, and otherwise scare the poor thing. One day just before 3 a friend stopped by to the movie fanatic's house and said, "The Cinema Art Theater is showing 'CASABLANCA.' Wanna go?"

"No thanks," he replied. "I'd rather stay home and watch them all tease Falcon."

Thought for the Day

What's the best thing about having Pagan friends?
They worship the ground you walk on.

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