Monday, March 23, 2009

Signs, Part 4

Signs Seen Here and There, Part 4

  • Seen on a hair-dresser's salon: "Curl up and dye."
  • In Smithfield, Va., there is a packing house by the Ivy Hill Cemetery. Next to the sign for the cemetery is a sign for the packing house that reads "Shipping & Receiving." Many graveside services are probably accompanied by the sounds of squealing hogs.
  • Years ago, a new business moved into suburban Buffalo, NY. The family owns a number of locations in the area named "Amigone Funeral Home"
  • In St. Louis a sign above a gas station reads: "Eat here! Get gas!"
  • On a billboard in the great state of Kentucky was the name of a tattoo parlor with the motto: "Tattoos done while you wait!"
  • Sign at a tire shop: "Re-tire before you go bald!"
  • Seen at a Hardee's restaurant was a sign that said: "Special - Fish and Kid Fry."
  • A garbage disposal company in Vancouver, BC has the motto "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Garbage Back."
  • A septic tank company in our town has a billboard that reads: "We want your stinkin' business."
  • At a church located in St. Catharine's, ON, the church sign read: "There are many choices in life, but only two in eternity. Sunday School 9:30, Meeting 10:30."
  • On a restaurant in Myrtle Beach: "Open 365 days a year. Closed Today." And it wasn't a leap year!
  • Sale sign in a camping shop: "Now is the discount of our winter tent (A play on the Shakespearean line "Now is the winter of our discontent")."
  • Sign on a car wash marquee (Denver): "Our vacuums really suck!"
  • From a plumber: "A straight flush is better than a full house."
  • In Tampa, Fl was a now defunct lawn mower sales/service company named "Mow Town."

Thought for the Day

  • What does the vet prescribe for the constipated monkey? A bananema.

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